Preparing For Better Roads..


Charbon Contracting is dedicated to the safety of our employees, customers, and general public to ensure a safe work environment. Constant effort is made to recognize jobsite hazards and discuss methods to avoid injury from these hazards. Safety is not just one person’s responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility – all of us working together.

Asphalt Milling
-Providing a service to area Blacktop Surfacing companies. 
-Mill, sweep, and clean roadway to prepare for resurfacing. 
-Large Fleet of Equipment for all applications using the latest technology. 
-Pre-Qualified in several surrounding states.
-Milled Rumble strips
-Vacuum and sweeper trucks leave street clean and ready for asphalt
-Cut widths from 1' to 12.5'

Rumble Stripping
-3 Rumble Strip Mills
-4 Power brooms
-Sweeper trucks and various support equipment to provide both shoulder and centerline rumble strips on interstates and rural secondary roads. 

Land Clearing
-Excavator mounted "slashbusters"
-Track mounted forestry mowers
-Track mounted whole tree chipper
-Amphibious excavator 
-A variety of support equipment to provide extensive clearing for development and right of way areas.